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Vasuki snake images

Vasuki snake images

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Great deity snake. Upload media.Vasuki is a sura of the Ananta clan. She is currrently in the sura realm in female form. In his usual male form he is the strongest of his clan, but is remaining female for various reasons, primarily because of her love for Sagara. Her nickname is Huia. She has long, red, messy hair partially tied in a ponytail, thin black eyebrows, and red eyes with circular pupils [2] unlike the vertical, snake-like pupils of the other Ananta suras shown in the webtoon so far.

She has eight distinctive lines that run downwards on the skin of the face and neck, that make the head appear fragmented. Her clothing is composed of a dark gray shirt, and black trousers with a black belt, that appears to have a metal chain on the lower part.

She also wears metal chains around her wrists. On top she wears an open thin black jacket with long sleeves. In his sura form he has nine armored heads with colorful horns. It looks like a snake from the neck to the mane, but his limbs make him seem no different from a dragon.

Vasuki appears to have a carefree and a taunting personality. Beneath this attitude he is shown to be very clever and perceptive. He seems to not care much about high positions and responsibilities, but takes his relationships seriously. He is very protective of his friends and family. However, Vasuki's approach to life often drives others mad.

Near the beginning of the universe, Vasuki met Taksaka. The dragon had gone berserk and entered the Ananta territory. Realizing Tak had not gotten used to the change imposed on the Vritra clan by the primeval godsAnanta sent Vasuki to talk to Tak.

The 2 at the time of the Ananta clan offered to stay close to the Vrtitra nastika in order to stop him when he could not control his anger, avoiding pointless attacks and problems for Tak. As a result, they started living together in Taksaka's nest.

He was present when Utpala returned looking for Tak and was shown laughing at the dragon's behavior. Upon Ananta 's death, Manasvin urges Sagara to return to Vasuki, since he is next in line to become king and she has always craved a position of power in the clan.

She then pays a visit to Vasuki at Taksaka's nest, but Vasuki quickly drives her mad with her laid-back attitude about having taken female form. After Sagara leaves, Vasuki reveals she purposely took female form to avoid the succession of the throne, so that Sagara could obtain the power she wanted and remain with Manasvin her current lover.

At one point in time, he competes with Taksaka to see who's stronger of the two. Afterwards he makes fun of Tak's "freakish skill" and jokes about the possibility of Tak having little dragons who can use invisible fire. She refuses, and is the only clan member in the sura realm who supports her as king. Sign In Don't have an account?

Vasuki - The King of Serpents

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vasuki snake images

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Serpents worship Naga Worship has been in vague since pre historic and puranic times in many parts of world and therefore worship of serpents as God is not new phenomenon in India. Serpents have been worshipped as deity by Hindus, Buddhist and Jains and few temples giving importance for snakes exist in some parts of our land.

This is the gift of nature. As per puranic tales the Serpents were given birth by twelve wives of Saint Kashyaba who was son of greatest Sage on earth Maharishi Marichi and attained divinity. While all serpents are not considered to be divine, however some of them were divine to name a few Raghu and Kethu who are revered as two important deities in the fleet of nine Navagrahas. In the clan of Serpents the Ashta Naga, a group of eight serpents were considered important in divine world. King of Serpents Vasuki is believed to reside in Pathaal under the basin of now extinct River Saraswathi while in a huge lake called Dundak in Nepal, Serpent Gharkoda live in the midst of several crores of diamonds and other ornaments and therefore she is worshipped in Nepal as divine Serpent.

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The entire entrances to the Nag Log are reportedly studded with several rare gems, diamonds, gold and other jewels. Puranas states that the Naga Log is filled with countless rare gems, pearls, diamonds etc. Such ennobled snakes have few temple in India, especially one in Kerala and the other in Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu.

However amongst the two the oldest and highly revered temple is the Nagaraja Temple in Kanyakumari. Neither the origin, nor the history or other details of this ancient temple Nagaraja is known. However the story of this temple is based on two puranic folklores told through word of mouth for decades.

It is stated that during 16th century most of the land in this region were filled with full of bushes and forest trees. Due to adverse poverty and unpleasant upper and lower caste divisions, the locals had to go to nearby forest jungles to fetch wood for selling and cooking, while others worked as labourers in the Paddy fields owned by rich landlords. There used to be lots of snakes moving around the jungles as well as paddy fields, they being jungle terrain.

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Therefore the poor began treating the Serpents as guardian deities of forest lands and farms and prayed to them not to harm them while working in fields and forests. Some open spaces were also created and stones with images of snakes were placed there and worshipped before going to the fields and jungles. Thus emerged worship places for serpents in scattered manner. What is the puranic lores on Temple Nagaraja? She ran into the Village and brought people to show them the scene and the villagers.

After consulting elderly people in the Village, the Villagers erected a small thatched hut with Palmyra leaves roof as ordered by the Serpent deity and began worshiping the Serpent God as Nagaraja in the same place where the snake was killed. Thus emerged the temple for the chief of Serpents in the place where the present temple stands.When the Nagas began tormenting the human beings, Lord Brahma cursed them with annihilation during the Swayambhuva manvantar, due to the curse of their own mother, Kadru.

The serpents became terrified and promised to remediate their offensive activities.

Vasuki Tal Trek

Begging Lord Brahma to give them a place to live in, he instructed them to go to three different netherworlds: Sutal, Vital and Patal. He also warned them that during Vaivaswat manvantar, Janamejaya would perform a grand yagya with the objective of destroying all of the demoniac among them, with only the virtuous Nagas surviving.

The yajya of Janmejay took place on Panchami, which became known as the destroyer of all sins. Devotee who worship the Nagas offer them milk on this day. Kadru once made a wager with her sister Vinata, the stakes being that the loser would be enslaved to the winner. Eager to secure victory, Kadru attempted to fix the bet by requesting the cooperation of her Naga offspring.

When her children balked at the request, Kadru grew angry and fulfilling the curse of Lord Brahma, she cursed her progeny to die a fiery death in the snake-sacrifice of King Janamejaya. Being aware of the curse made against them by mother Kadru, Vasuki, the king of the snakes, understood that his brethren would need protection. The Devi Bhagavatam is one of the Upapuranas, being comprised of 18, verses from Veda Vyasa glorifying the Devi goddess.

He erected a sacrificial platform and hired brahmans and others trained to conduct the yajnic rites.

vasuki snake images

Following the proper form, the priests lit the sacrificial fire, duly fed it with clarified butter. Uttering the required mantras, they began calling the names of Nagas. The potency of the rite was such that the Nagas were summoned by name into the fire, in which they were mortally consumed.

As the sacrifice continued and countless Nagas lost their lives to the fire, Astika came to the rescue less the entire race be lost. He approached Janamejaya and praised the sacrifice in such eloquent terms that the King offered to grant him a boon of his choosing. Astika promptly requested that the sacrifice be terminated.

Though initially regretful of his offer, Janamejaya was true to his word, and thus brought the sacrifice of the Nagas to an end. The Revenge of Janamejaya on the Nagas. Janamejaya ascended to the throne of Hastinapura upon the death of his father, King Pariksit, the lone descendant of the House of Pandu. King Pariksit had died of snakebite due to a curse by a sage, which was consummated by the Naga leader, Takshak.Vasuki Tal is a holy glacial lake that is perched in the remote region of Indian Himalayas at an altitude of 4, m.

It is formed by the melting waters of Mt. It lies amidst glaciers and the trekking route is steep. Therefore, it is a great trek for adventure lovers. No doubt, the Himalayas have enchanting beauty, bracing climate and desirable soothing green meadow. During the trek, pass through regions with rich vegetation and witness Himalayan Brahama Kamals and rare wildflowers growing around the lake.

According to the legend, Lord Vishnu took bath in it at the time of Rakshabandhan Hindu festival which purified this lake.

In addition to its divine beauty, get rewarded by extremely beautiful views of Chaukhamba Peaks and other majestic Himalayan ranges. Therefore, the famous trekking destinations covered on this trek are — GomukhTapovan and Nandanvan.

Vasuki Tal and, further pass through the verdant forests of pine and cedar which ahead merges with the glaciated tracks. Most importantly, come across the colorful beauty of Flora and Fauna while exploring this remote region. It is home to a number of Himalayan animals and Bharals can be easily spotted here. But, do not miss to witness Sadhus meditating here who permanently live in caves.

See firstly, the trekking distance is a total of by taxi Km both side and on foot 68 km which is to be covered into 11 days. Dehradun to Dehradun. Vasuki Tal Trek is a high altitude mountain trek Altitudes is Meter. The Starting trail is moderate as compare to other treks this is difficult trek. So this trek is not for beginners.

You got to see so many heavenly bodies at one place like the panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges Gangotri, you can see pine forests, different variety of flora and fauna surpassing through bona fide Garhwali culture. You can reach Dehradun Railway Station around am to am, vehicles will be arranged and there you can meet our office member. Altitude — Gangotri — Meter. Night stay — Our Mandakini Hotel — on twin share basis.

Himalayan Hikers organizes transport for trekkers from Dehradun Railway Station in the morning which will leave for Gangotri around am to am. It is the base camp of Tapovan trek. Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and one of the most beautiful places in India. People visit it heavily during vacations with their family and friends. After half an hour, stop at Suwakholi Have breakfast there and witness people from different parts of the world.

The break will be of maximum 1 hour. Ahead the peaks are visible and further you will come close.

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Further you will cross the small Chinyalisaur of Dharasu Reach Uttarkashi around pm and take a break there for lunch. After having Go through the picturesque zig- zag road to Gangotri via Harshil.

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Freshen up and enjoy evening snacks in the open Garden with great views. You will be provided some details after which you can go for evening walk but be at the hotel, Mandakini at Gangotri for dinner. Altitude — Chirbasa — Meter. Night Stay — Our Camp site — on twin share basis. Post breakfast, head to Chirbasa. The meaning of Chirbasa is abundant pine trees — Chir Pine.Filter search results. Sort by. Most relevant Best selling Latest uploads. Content type. All Photos Illustrations Videos Audio.

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vasuki snake images

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vasuki snake images

From Contributor separated by comma. Keywords separated by comma. Reset All Filters.In the legend of the churning of the milk ocean, Vasuki allowed the Devas and Asuras to bind him to Mount Mandar to use him to churn the Amrita, the nectar of immortality.

This happens after the devas and the asuras agree to join forces in order to gain the Amrita. It is also said that Indra tricked the asuras into holding Vasuki by its heads, so that they could inhale its hot breath. However, as the milk ocean was churned up, a poison seeped out which threatened the world.

So Shiva swallowed the venom as an act of self-sacrifice to prevent premature destruction of the world, thus earning him the title of Nilakantha "blue throat". He has a sister called Manasa, who is a goddess of snakes and poison. In Buddhist mythology, he, along with the other Naga kings, appear in the audience of many of the Buddha's sermons. Vasuki acts as one of the two chaos field bosses tied to the Invoke system and will appear in Ueno once every hour during weeks when the chaos alignment dominates the system.

After obtaining the poison snake hand he drops, he can be fused by a special double-fusion of Raja Naga and Garuda. Vasuki can be found in areas surrounding the large pool of poison north of Camp Ichigaya. Two Vasuki Hides are required in order to complete the quest.

Vasuki benefits from learning ailment and Ice skills. Vasuki is the eighth Persona of the Hanged Man Arcana and can only be obtained through an advanced fusion in the Velvet Room. He is one of the two Personas that learns Evade Wind. When itemized through an Electric Chair execution, Vasuki produces the Kuzuryu Gouhou rifle for Yusuke Kitagawawhich has ATK, 88 ACC, can fire 9 times per round and has a low chance of inflicting a random ailment on its targets. The task they give the protagonist is to show them a Jack Frost with Mabufuwhich he learns at level The components required to fuse him are Naga, Raja Naga and Ananta.

Vasuki appears as the first boss of the Karma Temple and is fought in the Temple's Sea of Milk after the Embryon is kicked to the very bottom of the tower by Sera to prevent them from following her. He acts as a guardian, intended to deter intruders from ascending the Temple. Vasuki fights mainly by exploiting weaknesses and Critical Hits with his unique spell Hima Alaya an Ice-type spell which deals heavy damage and high chance of inflicting FreezeMaziodyne and Megidola.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. It is said the gods and demons used him to churn the sea of milk. The strain caused him to exhale incredibly potent venom, but Shiva swallowed it. It is said that gods and demons used him to churn the sea of milk to create Amrita. They used Mt. Mandara as the stick and Vasuki as the rope to pull it. The strain caused him to exhale incredibly poisonous venom, but Shiva safely swallowed it.